Link Between Gardening and Mental Health…

Link Between Gardening and Mental Health

-“gardening utilizes the non-thinking right side of our brains (the side that is responsible for worrying, intrusive thoughts) and uses mainly the right side of the brain, which is responsible for handling our more creative aspects, including our senses. In short, gardening will help us stop worrying and start focusing on the “here and now”.”


  • “For many women, getting out in the garden is a way to connect with nature. Being outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air is a mood lifter. The garden can also be a calming natural retreat”
  • “Gardening provides a great way for families to work together on a rewarding project. You’ll have the opportunity to share the wonders of nature with your kids, while teaching them how to be responsible for garden tasks. The whole family can benefit from planning a garden together and watching as it grows.”


Research and Content contributed by Samantha Newton and Sunya Folyan


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